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Your vision for a happy and fulfilling life is one-of-a-kind. No one else is in your exact circumstances, sharing your unique priorities, and for that reason, our process for working with clients is personalized, hands-on, and customized.

1. Personalized

1. Personalized

Our business relationship with clients starts with a personal relationship.

You’re a busy person, and that’s the reason we meet with you on your terms. Our hands-on approach starts with getting together at a time and place of your choosing – whether at your office or ours, another convenient location, or even your home.

Learning about your family, dreams, and life goals creates the foundation of our relationship. This knowledge is also the basis for the financial plans we devise.

2. Hands-On

2. Hands-On

Your ambitions and circumstances are unique and your individualized financial plans should be, too.

There is no automated process for selecting the types of savings and investment vehicles that will help you pursue the rewarding life you desire. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and craft a customized mix that might include some combination of financial and estate plans, insurance protection, retirement investments, and college saving accounts.

The result is the outline of a plan that we can continue to change and grow just as you, your career, and your family do over the course of a lifetime.

3. Customized

3. Customized

Next, we identify and help you select the proper mix of specific assets that most closely match your goals, preferences, and tolerance for risk.

We will then help you through the process of moving assets, setting up new accounts, and funneling funds into what we like to call retirement buckets. The result is a custom series of retirement buckets that allow you to organize your finances in a way that will help you pursue your life’s goals.

Once the retirement buckets are set-up, you can easily see and understand the progress you’re making on your financial plans.

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